Parasol™ is designed for Australian conditions and made to stringent quality and manufacturing specifications.

Parasol™ is a commercial grade knitted shadecloth suitable for tension structures and other heavy duty applications. It is manufactured using a combination of high density monofilament and tape which offers a higher degree of protection from UV radiation, known to cause sunburn and skin cancers.

For ease of fabrication and improved performance, Parasol™ shadecloth has been ‘heat set’ before rolling, to improve lay flat characteristics and dimensional stability.

  • UV stabilized
  • Heat set
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Up to 95% UVR block
  • High strength
  • 10 year warranty

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Technical Specifications  WARPWEFT
Breaking Force (per ASTM D 5034)lbs231419
Elongation at Break (per ASTM D 5034)%10469
Tearing Strength (per ASTM D 751-06)lbf3949
Mullen Burst (per ASTM D 751-06)psiface500+*
* No break recorded; result exceeded instrument’s capacity
ColorCover Factor *UVRMean UPFShade Factor
Beach Sand91.59111.880.2
Forest Green93.593.215.592.5
Sky Blue93.993.617.191
Ocean Blue94.593.216.287.4
Steel Grey93.392.714.985.1
Carbon Black94.894.718.995.4
*Percentage of UVR block

Nominal weight:

9.6 oz. per square yard / 325 gsm +/- 10%

Available in: 9.8 feet/3.0 meters (width) x 55 yards / 50 meters (length) center folded rolls.*
*Unfolded (straight) rolls are available upon request and would be subject to minimum ordering quantities.

Product Disclaimers:

  • The above information represents the results sourced from third party testing authorities, and tolerances may vary by as much as 10%.
  • The Manufacturer reserves the right to alter or modify product specifications and colors without notice, and assumes no obligation or liability for the suitability and use of its products other than those applications intended by the manufacturer.
  • Colors shown may not be an exact representation of the actual product.
  • Outdoor fabrics are subject to harsh conditions and degradation over time is to be expected. Parasol™ is supported with a 10 year limited UV warranty. During this period the fabric will remain serviceable and fit for purpose. Color fading is normal over time. Colors containing red and yellow pigments have a tendency to fade more than others. This is not a loss of strength caused by UV breakdown and is not covered by the product warranty. For more details refer to the supporting Polyfab product warranty.
  • Polyfab USA assumes no liability in the event of negligent installation /fabrication or application or choice of cloth.
  • During installation, Polyfab shadecloth should not be subject to “pre-stressed” loading in excess of 20%.